Authentic Southern Tanzania Safaris in Ruaha National Park

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Iringa & Kigoma



About 20km South of Iringa, on the main road to Mbeya, is where some of the richest finds of the Stone Age tools were discovered in 1951. Many fossilized bones were also found in the area; amongst them were those of a mammal related to the modern giraffe but having a much shorter neck and an extinct hippopotamus with an unusual periscope like projections.






The last place, after seven years of fighting against German, where Chief Mkwawa camped and shot himself to death to avoid humiliation from the German forces.

Chief Mkwawa's headless body was handed to his family for burial. His skull was sent to German and kept at Bremen Anthropological Museum. The headless body was buried at Mlambalasi. The death of Chief Mkwawa marked the destruction of the Hehe kingdom and power. 

The ambush of the German forces at Lugalo on August 17th 1891, the destruction of the Hehe fort at Kalenga on 30th October 1894 and the death of Chief Mkwawa on 19th June 1898 were key events in the German colonization in East Africa.




A village 10 miles from Kigoma where Henry Morton Stanley pronounced the famous words “Dr Livingstone I presume.”

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