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Gazelle Safaris delivered exceptional quality of service at reasonable prices

for our group from NZ during our travels in Tanzania. Our trips to Mbeya peak, Ruaha national part and Zanzibar were well organised with expert guiding from Umang and his team of local guides. I would highly recommend booking a trip with Gazelle Safaris. 

 Yen- Hsing Chen - New Zealand

Since we came to Tanzania for our first time we saw visiting a nationalpark is an absolute must-do! We spent 3 days in the ruaha nationalpark together with umang and chris. It was a great pleasure to stay with these two very nice and experienced guys, we saw a lot of animals on this safari and had an awesome time together! The next holiday which we are going to spend in Tanzania, we’ll definitely go on another safari with our friends from Gazelle Safaris!

 Lukas A. - Germany.

"In 2010 I enjoyed 2 wonderful days in the Rwaha Nationalpark. Gazelles Safari not only made sure that we did not have to worry about anything at anytime but also offered us an unspoiled safari experience with a lot of background information about animals and environment in Rwaha. Delicious food, good driver, car in splendid conditions...just perfect." .

Rapha - Switzerland

I was working in Mbeya, TZ for 8 months however I often needed to be in Dar and Mwanza. Gazelle Safaris was great in getting me on flights from Mbeya, especially at the last minute. This period was end 2010 and early 2011 when flights were becoming more frequent to Mbeya. I'm sure the success of their travel company was instrumental in attracting the airlines to offer more flights. They are extremely professional and hardworking and on top of that BeenA and Umang are lovely people.

 Katie Casey Chicago, IL

I had an amazing time with Gazelle safaris. From the moment we booked they offered us a customised experience and really helped us get the best safari that our budget could afford. We stayed in a luxury tented camp in one of the quieter parks and were able to adapt the itinerary to fit our plans. The guide and driver were extremely helpful and friendly throughout.

 Bethany Dawn Spencer – UK

I went on a Safari in Ruaha National Park near Iringa in August 2011. The experience was brilliant and this was in great part due to Gazelle Safari's expertise plus the professional and friendly organisation of the trip. Compared the Northern Safari circuit, Tanzania’s Southern circuit is far more difficult to navigate alone. As I spent five weeks volunteering in Mbeya it was fantastic that Gazelle Safaris were able to co-ordinate our safari specifically to the needs of our group while I was volunteering in the relatively rural town. Gazelle took all of the hassle and potential worry out of organising our trip and gave us something special to look forward to after our voluntary work. I felt that, as one of three girls, safety and security was really important and with Gazelle this was never something that I worried about. Gazelle offered help and advice as we customised our trip, were completely honest about what we could get for our budget and really helped us to maximise our experience. Some of their suggestions, about accommodation particularly, absolutely made our trip for me. We stayed in beautiful tree houses that overlooked the wilderness and we were able to spot animals from the safety of our beds. Gazelle Safaris were also fantastic during the trip itself. Our guide made sure that he understood the experience we wanted and made a special effort to take us to see the animals we wanted to see in the wild. He was also a pleasure to spend time with and very knowledgeable about Ruaha. The experience was 100% the highlight of my trip and this was hugely thanks to Gazelle Safaris

 Lauren Gimbel - UK

If you have been scurrying around the internet, inundated with information about which safari company to trust and make your holiday as memorable as you have been dreaming, relax and rest assured your search is over. Umang and Beena will see to your every need along the way, encourage flexibility with your varied holiday needs wherever you are planning on visiting in Tanzania and provide excellent recommendations for things you haven’t ever thought of for your trip. Ruaha National Park is Umang and Beena’s first love, however have no doubt how well you will be taken care of during your visit to the rest of this majestic country. Our personal plans included Moshi (Kilimanjaro), Ngorongoro Crater, Zanzibar and finished with Ruaha National Park. During our visit to each stop in the country we were greeted immediately upon our arrival by tour guides personally selected by Gazelle. You will be taken to your hotel, a full briefing on your travel plans will be reviewed to ensure accuracy and any changes can be made at that time. During our visit we were regularly impressed by how often our guides knew Umang and Beena, because they had been there personally during their exhaustive research of the country. If they endorse the hotel, day tour or restaurant feel confident it is because they would recommend it to their own family, because you ARE their family. It will be impossible to steer you away from the Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Kilimanjaro, etc… but please permit yourself to be open-minded, avoid the crowds and let Umang give you a personal tour around Ruaha National Park during your stay. When you arrive by plane straight into the National Park, the pilot does a fly-by to make sure there are none of the “Big Five” on the runway. Gazelle Tours picks you up 2 minutes after landing and you are taking photographs of animals as you turn the corner. You have arrived on an African safari without another tourist in sight! Best of all, you are being guided by a knowledgeable couple who are passionate about the park, enthusiastic to show you exactly what you want to see and conservatively conscious because this is their home and want it to be there for generations to come. Without hesitation I fully endorse you booking through Gazelle, when my fiancé and I return to Tanzania there will be no doubt who we will be using for our travel needs.

 Darren Siedschlag – USA

Words can’t express how grateful I am to Gazelle Safaris, to Umang and Beena, for the trip of my life! I was newly arrived in Tanzania, getting to know my new home, when I came across Gazelle Safaris, and started planning a vacation for my boyfriend and myself. I met with Umang and Beena, and was delighted to see how open and enthusiastic they were to create a custom itinerary for our Tanzanian adventure. But unbeknownst to me, my boyfriend had reached out to Gazelle Safaris too, asking for a little direction and assistance, as he planned to propose during our Tanzanian vacation. Umang and Beena responded immediately, wholeheartedly, to the request, called him up personally, and together planned the most unforgettable safari, and the perfect moment to pop the big question. We were the first couple to get engaged in Tandala Tented Camp, nestled in the heart of the largest national park in Africa, Ruaha National Park. We had a private dinner, under a full canvas of stars, just feet away from a watering hole that was frequented at all hours of the day by herds of elephants, and the occasional wandering lion. Under the watchful protection of our Masai escorts, we enjoyed a feast, personally prepared by the camp’s owners, a lovely dish of tilapia flown in from Arusha and Lake Victoria, hundreds of miles of away, just for us. A Masai wreath with the word “Hope” inscribed in it, hung from our bottle of champagne as my boyfriend (now fiancé) asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes! It was a magical and irresistible moment that came at the end of a two week journey through Tanzania , a journey that took us to Kilimanjaro, Ngorongoro Crater, the wonders of Zanzibar Island, and finally the incredible beauty of Ruaha and Tandala Camp. It was the trip that changed my life, and I am eternally grateful to Umang and Beena, to Gazelle Safaris, for the care and utter love they showed us, throughout our two week journey through Tanzania. What an unforgettable trip, and what a wonderful way for my fiancé and I to start our new life together.

 Melissa Del Castillo – USA ( Darrens Fiance )

We want to thank "Gazelle Safari" for the very,very nice and great safari! We enjoyed it very much, it was a great adventure! Everytime we felt save and happy Umang and Chris are very friendly and absolutely reliable! Thank you for these nice days in Ruaha-Park! -

 Beate A., Germany

Beeing in the ruaha nationalpark was a real adventure! Everything was so new and exciting, only after the trip i could realized that we've seen elephants from a distance of maybe 7 metres! Even lions weren't too lazy to pass was wonderful!!! Also the lodges were lovley done up and the food was also a pleasure thak u for the nice time we had together!! -

 Maike A. - Germany

Greetings from Frankfurt/Germany! I'll never forget the nice time together in Ruaha-Nationalpark in 2012. Perfectly organisation, incredible views and the best driver ( Chris!!! ) you can have. Dear Umangh, thank you for all and I hope, we come back next year!

 Michael Ata-Man - Germany

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